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A series of projects experimenting with different art mediums. We have to redo an old art piece twice, with random restrictions like "no text no sound" set by others.

I started with an interactive piece which includes 12 painted masks.


Then according to the project requirements, I have to change it into different art medium, which I chose to do a collaboration with my classmates Jonathan and Ruby. We set up the interactive fitting rooms with some clothes and shoes displayed. Three painted mirrors tell about a story of self-cognition of body image.


For the second redo piece, I did an interactive performance by video recording. Spectators were free to pick up the image and color scheme. best described their emotion. Overall, all three projects in different art mediums are intended to talk about the process of self-exploration.




​Title: Mask

​Date: Sep 2016

Dimension: 10x10 inches

Material: acrylic painting on canvas, strings


Title: Mask-redo1 fitting room

Date: Dec 2016

Dimension: unknown

Material: acrylic painting on canvas, strings, clothes, painting on mirrors, hula hoops, shower curtains, shoes, projectors, necklaces and so on

Team Members: Shelly Feng, Ruby Liang, Azarpad Jonathan



​Title: Mask-redo 2 HOW ARE YOU?

​Date: Dec 2016

Dimension: unknown

Material: video installation, interactive performance, instruction sheet

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