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​Title: shadow

​Date: Feb 2017

Material: acrylic painting on canvas,​ photo, electric wire, woolen yarn, plastic strings. light, two models

Requirements of the Project:  We need to edit a photo or create a new one in photoshop, for example, I added an extra arm in my photo, and paint exactly the same on a 24x36 inches paper/canvas. Then we need to add a third piece to connect the photo and the painting into a coherent one art piece, which I chose to do a performance. The topic of this project given by the teacher is replicant.


Artist Statement: From a perspective of skepticism, probably the only thing I can know for sure is that "I exist" and everything else is just illusion or stimulation in my mind. the world and spiritual world seem to be broken into small rational pieces. But I'm kind of unwilling to admit that probably everyone except me doesn't The physicality and therefore the interaction, connection, emotion and love among people don't exist at all. But what are these interaction and connection among people really are? 


For the life-long discussed trace in the infinite time and space, we are perceiving now. Love is the most significant trace we could probably create and overcome the unbearably shifting time and space.question of the significance of human life, I believe our mission is to leave the


Inspired by Plato's cave, I make my own analogies of "the shadow of love" was done by two real models, which indicates the layers of interpretation of love. I connect the three parts with red strings/wire to indicate the inherent connection between the interpretations. What's more, the red string is also an indication of love since in Chinese culture, the god of love will connect the couples in love with red strings.," the love inside the cave" and "the truth of love outside the cave" in this project. The installation starts with the painting, to the photograph and finally the performance

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