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Title: Pseudo Presence


Date: November 2019

Included in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago BFA Show 2019

Time as the x-axis,

space as the y-axis,

light as the base,

those are everything made up of photography. It seems that photography as an extension of human vision has the closest relation to the truth by its nature comparing to other mediums. But how objective and authentic it could be?


Pseudo-presence is a photo-based installation that examines the significance of photography as to human experience and existence. We have been relying on photography so much that being photographed gives us a sense of being real and existing. By giving the AI-generated portraits the real time and space in form of prints, audiences are able to compare subtle differences between the overwhelming live-printing performance and the digital data on the screen. When the AI images are on screen, it's so obvious for we human being to see the hilarious differences and bugs. Whereas, when they are printed in physical form, the differences are subtle. The unstable printing quality fake the boundary between artificiality vs reality. Then the authority of photography as an objective evidence of time and space has been challenged. 

AI-generated image source credits to 

pp cover.jpg

3D Rendering Images of

the Ideal Installation Space

Installation View: Overall

Installation View: Screen

Installation View: Live-Printing

Installation View: Faded Prints

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