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Title: Parallel Evidence


Date: 2019

Parallel Evidence is a mediation on photography as an evidence of memory. I found a subtile personal connection with these found photos back to 20th century when I saw them at the first time. Somehow I believe I have been to the exactly same place or had same experience as shown in vintage photos. As a result, I found my own images as references of the overlapped memory. It’s surprising to see the similarities and differences between two parallel time and space and how different my impression is from the “reality” documented by photos. The impossible memory in terms of time and space and sense of deja vu evoked in the photo make me reflect on photography as an objective reference of memory. The red strings attached to the both sides represent the connection I drew from the parallel space, and the ambivalent feeling towards the artificial memory.

Installation View


Pairs of

              vintage photos


              my personal photos

IMG_20190930_0002 copy 4.jpg
IMG_20190930_0002 copy 3.jpg
蜜城6 copy.jpg
IMG_20190930_0002 copy 6.jpg
IMG_20190930_0002 copy 5.jpg

Installation View

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