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Title: In-Out-Sider


Date: December 2018

Included in the exhibition

Camera USA 2019, FL

As a Chinese photographer, I realize that I’m an outsider of Chinatown community.


My photo project in-Out-Sider investigates on detachment and immersion of Chinese culture transformed overseas. The photos represent many social aspects of three Chinatowns from east to west, and reflect on how the people inside or outside of this unique community respond to the transformation of Chinese culture.


My investigation turns out that it’s not simply an in or out, yes or no question, but a series of complex, repeated in-between conflicts of identity and belongingness.

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Package Design: Traditional Chinese Architecture

  • Chinese new year parade_Chicago

  • Chinese new year parade_Chicago

  • ​The God of Wealth_Chicago

  • Red Pocket Wall_San Francisco

  • Kung Fu_San Francisco

  • ​Dragon_San Francisco

  • Lotus lantern_San Francisco

  • Terra-Cotta Warriors_San Francisco

  • Hai Nam Association_San Francisco

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine_Chicago

  • Meihua Relationship Agency_Chicago

  • Laundry and Tailor's Shop_San Francisco

  • Fortune Cookie Factory_San Francisco

  • Fortune Cookie Factory_San Francisco

  • Chinatown New Year Fair_San Francisco

  • Street Performance_New York

  • Street Art_New York

  • Gift Shop_Chicago

  • Gift Shop_Chicago

  • Temp Agency/Cheap Labor_San Francisco

  • Buddhism Association_San Francisco

  • Trash, Pavilion and Commercial Building_Chicago

  • Shoe Repair Stall_New York

  • Nostalgia_Chicago

Camera USA 2019

Camera USA 2019, Watson Gallery 3.jpg

Exhibition View

Camera USA 2019, Watson Gallery 6.jpg
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