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Title: Flowing Water


Date: July 2018

I was born in Ningbo in the Southern China. Ningbo is one of the most important port cities in China so water, ocean, land became the keywords of my life. 


This project started in 2018 when I went back to Ningbo for Summer vocation. The city is developing so rapidly but it seems that all the cities in China are standardizing into the same mode. So I went back to many old places where I’m supposed to belong there, but everything there is familiar but yet unfamiliar to me. The conflict of my self-identity and the sense of belonging gives me a fresh perspective to observe and experience these places again. Every location I’ve been to and everything I photographed is old, broken, aged, abandoned, forgotten, almost gone, just like silent dead water. However, I feel there is a powerful freshness in that silence.

​It's like spirited flowing water.



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