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Title: Screenshots 2017

Date: 2017

A book project I did at the end of 2017 as a summary of the whole year. It includes 250 screenshots I saved in my iPhone 6s Plus, which also died in that December. I didn't realize how much I've relied on my phone and social media every single day until I reorganized these random screenshots, including the daily conversation with my family and friends, interesting images and quotations found online, important notes from apps, photos I randomly took and so on.


I rearranged these images basically in chronological order and found it interesting to see how my relationship with my family, friends, ex-boyfriends went on in one year. There are also many surprises when two independent images are put together in one spread and generate new meanings and concepts. Overall, it's an experimental reflection on how social media and technology could influence our life in this generation.

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