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Title: Certainty of Fluidity


2022, 1.4x1.7x0.2m

Degradable biomaterial/ oyster shell + branch 


Trapped in a family religious dispute, the artist reflects on the significance and functions of faith and concludes that the ultimate goal is to deal with the tragedy of death, unjustifiable sufferings, and the vindication of dogmas. 



Unlike traditional amulets, which lose their power when exposed to water, the bio-degradable amulet made of oyster shell reflects the artist’s oceanic identity, a symbol of the ever-renewing of life and death. It demonstrates how the artist gradually defines a fluid certainty in water and how she deals with the fear of death with faith in water.


certainty of fluidity 1.jpeg
certainty of fluidity 3 copy.jpg
certainty of fluidity 2.jpeg
certainty of fluidity 5.jpeg
certainty of fluidity 4 copy.jpg
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